Charming Lady

Cash charming lady


Cash connection charming lady is a game developed by provider novomaic. The opening of the game is beautiful and interesting, the game theme gives an exciting sensation with fresh songs. The background of the game which has plants that surround the layer and a pretty pink to purple color gives a fresh sensation.

When you start playing the game you will see an image of the layer opening, a beautiful woman standing with a crystal ball comes to greet you. The arrival of a beautiful girl makes the game atmosphere exciting. Games that have a lot of action can provide a chance to win with progressive jackpots.

3 jackpots and spin lock

Courtbeneluxhof – There are 3 progressive jackpots in the game, namely mini, minor and grand. Maybe those who have just joined are still confused about playing the game cash connection charming lady. No need to worry because we will tell you how and how to play and give the game victory. To be able to get a winning value, you can bring a beautiful woman who becomes a wild.

Not only beautiful women, you also have to get a crystal ball in order to get the bonus game. It’s really interesting isn’t it and there is something even more exciting if you can get a spin lock, with a spin lock all symbols will be locked. The locked symbols will be values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are randomly selected until they fill the layer and you win.

fun playing games with symbols

Cash connecting charming lady is a type of game that gives a lot of fun, with a game theme that is so amazing that many gamers are attracted by the presence of a beautiful woman carrying a crystal ball. Beautiful women are the main characters in the game. Has an important role in the game to be wild.

In addition to the wild there are also other symbols in the game such as: small red beetle, horseshoe, necklace, clover, coins and remy card symbols As, K, Q, J, 10, and 9. . The cash connection charming lady game model is 5 reels and 3 rows.

Having a way to win in the game of course you have to give several steps to win with 10 new ways or steps you can win the game. If you want to bet, you can use the number of coins that have been determined by the game, from a small value of 0.10 to a large bet value of 50 coins per game round. Judging from the game model, the RTP level is moderate with a total of 95.01%, which can give a lot of game wins.

get a bonus with a beautiful woman // charming
Game symbols

To find out the value of each symbol and its function, you can see some data such as:

– Wild is a beautiful woman replacing all symbols except the game bonus. It’s not just a bonus but also doubles the value of the game. To get the bonus you have to get 6 or more symbols in 1 game round.

– Scatter is a crystal ball, has a function as a double scorer, or you can also get one of the progressive jackpots.

– Spin lock will be presented if you get 6 scatters or more. With the spin lock, the symbol will stop and activate the free game. During the spin lock you will also get additional free spins.

After the spin lock is no longer active, the bet value will appear. Get big bonuses in game play so you can get a big or grand jackpot. Lost spin lock will get 15 crystal balls.